Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

It is a devastating tragedy when problems like medical negligence, commercial and vehicle accidents, corporate wrongdoing, or defective products result in the loss of a human life. Luvera Law Firm is well recognized for handling wrongful death cases, using the justice system to uncover the truth and holding those responsible accountable for their actions. Our work also helps to drive positive changes in policies and procedures to improve safety for everyone.

We have extensive trial and settlement experience in a wide variety of wrongful death cases. We will fiercely advocate for you against powerful companies, hospitals, and product manufacturers, to use our expertise and resources to achieve exceptional results on your behalf.

Results in Wrongful Death

$75 million

Olympic pipeline explosion in Bellingham, Washington kills two boys.

$50 million

Tesoro explosion in Anacortes, Washington kills seven workers.

$45 million

Equilon refinery explosion in Anacortes, Washington kills six workers.

$12 million

Tacoma Chief of Police kills wife in murder-suicide, due to wrongful hiring and lacking Police Department supervision.

$9 million

Doctor killed after losing control on poorly maintained icy road.

$7 million

Cement truck causes fatal collision.