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Alaska Airlines Wrongful Death Verdict

A jury rendered a $3.19 million verdict in favor of the family of Bernice Kekona. The elderly and disabled passenger suffered fatal injuries when she fell down an escalator while in her wheelchair after the airline failed to provide gate-to-gate transporation. Learn More.

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At Luvera Law Firm, we are fearless advocates who achieve exceptional results for seriously injured people and their families. We are trusted trial lawyers who battle to uncover truth and create positive change by seeking justice and accountability. Learn more.

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Swedish Health Services Medical Malpractice Settlement

Our lawyers represented the family of a former Swedish Hospital lactation nurse, who received a $18M settlement in a case against Swedish Health Services and others after medical errors led a catastrophic stroke and permanent cognitive and physical injuries. Learn more. 

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Seattle Crane Collapse: Advocating for Improved Safety After the Tragedy

Our lawyers are avocating on behalf of the victims of the crane collapse on April 17, 2019. We're honored to lead the way in pursuing accountability and greater saftey measures. Find case updates and media coverage here. 

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Our experienced attorneys are fearless advocates for seriously injured people and their families. We handle a broad variety of cases, including serious injuries and wrongful death caused by commercial and vehicle accidents of all types, medical malpractice, product defects, construction site accidents, corporate wrongdoing, and insurance misconduct.

Our work creates positive change in corporate and governmental behavior, which benefits not only our clients but makes our world safer for everyone.

We count judges, governmental and corporate leaders, hospital administrators, doctors, nurses, and insurance claims adjusters among those who choose us to represent them, and refer others to our firm. Our founder and one of our partners belong to the Inner Circle of Advocates, the nation’s most exclusive plaintiff’s trial lawyers’ organization, limited to the best lawyers in the United States. In short, our expertise is renowned and our results speak for themselves.


We are trusted trial lawyers who battle to uncover the truth and resolve clients’ unanswered questions


Luvera Law Firm has achieved justice and exceptional results for our clients for more than 40 years


Our relentless pursuit of accountability creates positive change in corporate and governmental behavior


Olympic pipeline explosion in Bellingham, Washington kills 2 boys.


Tesoro explosion in Anacortes, Washington kills seven workers.


Defective heart monitor burns heart, necessitating heart transplant and causing immunosuppressive blood cancer.


Failure to diagnose ruptured blood vessel after amniocentesis causes brain injury.

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After being paralyzed while having my spine examined at Overlake Hospital Medical Center, I wanted an advocate who would seek justice for me, and pursue greater accountability. Luvera Law Firm is among the select few with the expertise needed. They earned a settlement in my case, and they understood I wanted to shed light on what happened and to use those lessons to make hospitals everywhere safer for patients. My attorneys helped me form a special working partnership with hospital executives, and now I’m applying my background as a design expert to improve patient safety.

August de los Reyes

Medical Malpractice
Misdiagnosis of spinal injury and physician miscommunication lead to paralysis

$20 Million

‘Let’s just watch it,’ my pulmonologist advised. For six years, he negligently failed to diagnose the spot on my lung, instead watching as the cancer metastasized from my left lung to my right. By the time he ordered a needle biopsy that revealed the spot to be cancer, it was too late. The cancer was at stage IV. As a former commercial litigator, I know the power of the justice system. I called Luvera Law Firm because I wanted to make sure my doctor didn’t do this to anyone else. My attorneys were like investigators, examining my medical records and gathering multiple experts to advise on my case. They were passionate about finding the truth, and always so professional and responsive.

Melody Farance

Medical Malpractice
Failure to diagnose lung cancer over six years

After my mother-in-law, Ellen, received lower back surgery at Valley Medical Center, she complained of terrible pain to the nurses, but they didn’t notify her doctor until it was too late. By the time she got into an operating room, a blood clot had developed in her back and paralyzed her. She contacted Luvera Law Firm, knowing they had the expertise and compassion needed to seek justice. From the beginning, the attorneys and staff treated us with respect, and we developed a feeling of family. Luvera Law Firm stands up for the underdogs – they do right by their clients. Heartbreakingly, Ellen died from her condition before the case concluded, but together we continued her charge and held the hospital accountable.

Anne Sanbo

Medical Malpractice
Delayed diagnoses and treatment for blood clot following mother-in-law’s back surgery lead to paralysis and ultimately death.

$2 Million

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