Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

A death or serious injury that results from a needless and preventable medical error is a devastating tragedy. Luvera Law Firm is well recognized as a premier firm in medical malpractice cases, using the justice system to uncover the truth behind medical negligence. Our work also helps to drive positive changes in medical policies and procedures to improve safety for everyone.

Medical professionals and health care facilities are held to established patient care standards. Medical malpractice cases involve situations where a health care provider or organization made an avoidable mistake, or created an error-prone environment that lead to serious injury or death.

We have represented clients of all ages with serious medical negligence claims, and have extensive trial and settlement experience across all medical practice areas. We will fiercely advocate for you, using our expertise, relationships with industry experts, and other resources to achieve exceptional results on your behalf.

Results in Medical Malpractice

$30.4 million

Anesthesia and surgical negligence cause severe throat burn.

$29.7 million

Failure to diagnose ruptured blood vessel after amniocentesis causes brain injury.

$20 million

Failure to diagnose spine fracture and physician miscommunications lead to paralysis.

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$17.7 million

Catheter punctures heart, causing heart attack and brain damage.

$15.2 million

University of Washington recommends wrong medication to 4-year-old heart transplant patient, causing cardiac arrest and severe brain damage.

$13 million

Hospital botches prenatal ultrasound leading to attempted vaginal delivery and failed C-section, causing brain damage.

$12.7 million

Failure to diagnose and treat high bilirubin in baby causes brain injury.

$12 million

Excessive chemotherapy causes cancer patient to suffer heart failure.

$10 million

Baby suffers cerebral palsy due to mid-wife and hospital negligence.

$7 million

Infant suffers brain damage when nurse negligently infuses breast milk in central venous catheter.