Defective Products

Defective Products

People should be able to trust the safety of the products they purchase. When a defective product causes serious injury, it often poses significant risks to other consumers as well. Our work achieves successful outcomes for our clients and their families and helps to encourage safer design and manufacturing practices that benefit everyone.

We are experienced with cases involving a wide range of defective products, including pharmaceutical products, machinery, tools, and common household goods. We will help you determine if you have a viable case and, if justified, aggressively pursue your claims.

Results in Defective Products

$44 million

Dangerous drug interaction causes seizures and brain damage for young man.

$40 million

Defective heart monitor burns heart, necessitating heart transplant and causing immunosuppressive blood cancer.

$20.5 million

Contaminated medical product.

$16.2 million

Faulty pregnancy test leads to cancer misdiagnosis and unnecessary hysterectomy and chemotherapy.

$10 million

Subway sandwich inflicts Hepatitis A in 6-year-old, causing liver damage and transplant.

$7.4 million

Pharmaceutical company failed to warn of drug interaction, causing worsened medical condition for disabled child.

$3.3 million

Pharmaceutical company’s false marketing and failure to warn of drug’s side effects causes seizures and brain damage.

$1.3 million

Odwalla juice causes E.Coli infection in 3-year-old boy and subsequent kidney damage.