Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries

The birth of a baby is supposed to be a time of great joy and celebration. The trauma of an injury to a newborn or the mother is devastating to a family. We are one of the Northwest’s premier firms in investigating birth injuries caused by negligence and obtaining record results.

Birth injury cases can be extremely complicated and difficult, making it important to select an attorney with the experience to advocate successfully for your baby and family. We are here to help you review the facts and evaluate the best course of action.

Results in Birth Injuries

$29 million

Amniocentesis leads to placental abruption and birth injury.

$20 million

Unduly prolonged second stage of labor causes brain damage.

$13 million

Failure of midwife to transfer to hospital in timely manner leads to brain injury.

$10 million

Misread ultrasound causes brain injury to large baby stuck in birth canal.

$5 million

Obstetrician negligently delays delivery, causing fatal injury to baby.