Auto and Trucking Accidents

Auto and Trucking Accidents

For more than forty years, Luvera Law Firm has successfully represented people in a variety of car, trucking, and transportation injury cases. Our experience includes lawsuits against government agencies for defective highway design, railroad companies for faulty crossings, and negligent drivers in a variety of accidents.

From investigating why and how an accident occurred, to negotiating with insurance companies, and conducting state and federal trials, we have the expertise to handle complex personal injury claims. We are also adept at navigating insurance issues, including the at-fault person’s liability policy, medical insurance, uninsured and underinsured drivers, and our clients’ own policies.

Results in Auto and Trucking Accidents

$38.3 million

Parking valet shortcuts car return, strikes bicyclist, crushing hip and causing mild brain injury.

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$12.3 million

Head-on collision kills 69-year-old former city police chief and injures his wife.

$11.7 million

Rear-end collision by commercial truck driver causes spinal injury to 63-year-old single woman.

$8.5 million

Fuel tank rupture kills driver, whom police blamed for causing collision.

$9.2 million

Head-on collision by wrong-way driver injures family of four.

$2.7 million

Drunk driver strikes physician coming home from work, causing orthopedic injuries.

$1.2 million

Illegal passing by 16-year-old driver forces woman off road, causing facial injuries.