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Luvera insights & perspectives: Q&A with Linda FitzGerald 

While she never envisioned becoming a paralegal before joining Luvera Law Firm in 1989, Linda FitzGerald has proven herself to be an irreplaceable member of the team. Linda’s ability to adapt to new challenges and willingness to learn has played a huge role in her success with the firm. 

Get to know more about Linda and her journey below. 

How did you get into the legal field? Was this something you were always drawn to? 

LF: I never really envisioned becoming a paralegal when I first started my professional career. Before joining Luvera, I worked at a local bank as an administrative loan assistant. In 1989, Lita Luvera interviewed me for a receptionist job. Six months later I was hired as the office receptionist. A little over a year later, a paralegal position opened up, and I was asked if I would like the job. I was very nervous and unsure, but decided to accept the challenge. 

Once I started working as a paralegal, I learned everything on the job. I never took any classes or certifications to become a paralegal, which actually was what Paul Luvera preferred. It was my understanding that he felt it was easier for him to train someone to do the job according to his way of doing things, with the procedures and processes he had developed for his office. While very difficult at first, I am now so thankful for the opportunity. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than this and am grateful for the knowledge he passed along. 

Can you tell us more about your day-to-day responsibilities? 

LF: Since I’ve been with the firm for so long, I have often been asked to do a wide range of tasks. Throughout the years, I have trained new employees, developed forms and templates and incorporated them into merge documents where necessary, designed and customized our case management system, and provided general support wherever needed.  

In terms of my paralegal duties, I began work as a litigation paralegal in 1991. However, when Mr. Luvera opened the Seattle office in 1995 and all the attorneys were working out of Seattle, I remained in the Mount Vernon office. Since there were no attorneys in the office day-to-day, it required that I transition to pre-litigation case work only.  

Then in 2014, when Mr. Luvera retired and the Mount Vernon office was permanently closed, I transitioned into a new position, which is what I am doing today. In this position, I mainly gather and compile information to document damages, such as medical bills, wage loss, and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred by our clients. I assist the clients with their insurance to ensure their medical bills are properly paid by their insurance carriers and help them coordinate their coverages as needed. I also work directly with our clients’ auto and health insurance companies as it relates to any potential claims they may have for subrogation/reimbursement. This part of the job is quite challenging due to the complexities, rules and constant changes surrounding ERISA, Medicare, Medicaid, and other governmentally funded plans. It also requires that I become familiar with each case so that I can properly review the insurance information to ensure that they are not requesting reimbursement for medical expenses unrelated to our client’s injuries. 

In addition to my case involvement, I assist with information technology (IT) matters and am the primary “triage” contact for day-to-day computer/software issues. I will usually troubleshoot problems with the computers, printers, and multitude of programs that we use across our firm. This is, again, something I have just learned over the years and not something I have any formal training in. If it is beyond my knowledge base or I am unable to find the solution, I can always rely on the support of our outside IT firm. (Shout-out to Thad! For your immense patience and always willing to solve anything put in front of you. I have learned a lot from you!) I also oversee the purchase of various office equipment, computer equipment, copiers, and software, and legal resource/research software subscriptions. 

You’ve been with the firm for so long, what are some of your favorite aspects about the work you do? 

LF: I’m a problem solver by nature. I love to work out issues on my own and within a team. Everything I do for the firm really fits that need for thinking outside the box. All the IT work that I do allows me to learn new things about computers and approach problems with a different mindset. I’d say the same thing about my work on insurance ledgers and medical bills. It’s like a puzzle where all the pieces have to fit.  

I also hold the Luvera ethics and ideals very close to my heart. I love this firm because we all work together toward representing significantly injured people who were unfairly treated. We stick up for the little guy and we aren’t chasing paychecks – not a lot of legal firms can claim the same thing. My position with regard to damages and insurance allows me to work with all the litigation team members throughout the firm, and we all work together toward a common goal, which is doing our best for our clients. It’s very rewarding when it all comes together, and I find that our clients are genuinely thankful. 

The highlights of my entire career are the meaningful relationships I’ve built over the years with my current and past co-workers and our clients, some of which I will forever have a special place in my heart. I still cherish my relationship with Mr. and Mrs. Luvera and consider them to be very dear friends. I am grateful that I was given a chance to prove my worth all those years ago, and thankful for all the knowledge and experience that I have been provided throughout my tenure at the firm. 

Aside from work, what do you like to do in your free time? 

LF: I love being outside in the sun above everything else. My husband and I usually take a trip to Arizona a couple of times a year. I spend some of my off time in the yard tending to the gardens. I enjoy cooking, and especially like trying new recipes, including old ones that I remember my grandmother making…. she used to do a lot of baking. I vividly remember her Parker House Rolls and butter horns, but I can never get it just the way I remember. She made it look so easy! 

My husband and I are very close to our three adult sons and love to spend time with them as their schedules allow. Our middle son is living in Davis, California, and we will try to go visit him at least once a year.  

Growing up and even into my thirties, I used to love riding horses and competing in breed shows across the northwest region, including Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. I used to work at a horse stable every weekend to help off-set the costs of boarding my horse there. However, after my second son was born, I just didn’t have the time to devote to it. I very much miss my equestrian days and being around horses.  

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