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After tragedy, finding justice – and compassion – with Luvera Law Firm

My mother-in-law, Ellen, always gave her grandchildren $2 bills for birthdays and holidays as a special way to show that she loved them. Now, years after she has passed, those bills are keepsakes for all of us, reminders of how fortunate we were to have this wonderful, loving, and strong woman in our lives.

Unfortunately, the last five years of Ellen’s life called upon her strength far more than she deserved. In 2004, Ellen underwent lower back surgery at Valley Medical Center in Renton, Wash. Afterward, she complained to the nurses about terrible pain, but they never alerted her doctor. By the time her physician was notified and they got her into an operating room the next day, it was too late. A blood clot developed in her back and paralyzed her.

Ellen’s tragic paralysis upset our family terribly – and the way her healthcare providers dismissed calls for help only compounded our pain. We wanted to fully understand what had happened, and for those at fault to be held accountable for their negligence. We wanted the hospital to say they were sorry and to also help protect other people in the future.

A colleague of mine recommended we speak with Luvera Law Firm, noting the firm’s exceptional reputation for seeking justice.

From the beginning, the attorneys and staff treated us with respect, and we developed a feeling of family. During the trial, I watched with awe at the way they handled expert witnesses, testimony and other technical aspects of the case. Even more, I was struck by the firm’s compassion, and the amount of time Lita Luvera and others spent with Ellen, making her feel comfortable and staying involved to demonstrate how much they cared.

Luvera Law Firm stands up for the underdogs – they will do right by you too. As our case progressed, we knew we could call or email at any time and we would get a quick response to address our concerns.

Heartbreakingly, Ellen died from her condition before the case concluded, but my husband represented her as the plaintiff. Together we continued her charge and held the hospital accountable with a $2 million verdict and public recognition that this should never happen to another family.

Today, I still keep in touch with the attorneys and paralegals who helped us through one of the most challenging times of our lives. In fact, at the beginning of the case I gave them each a $2 bill in honor of Ellen, and it means a lot to know many still carry those bills with them today.

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